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Hammamet is a town in Tunisia. Due to its beaches it is a popular destination for swimming and water sports. It was the first tourist destination in Tunisia. It is located in the south east of the northern peninsula of Cap Bon in the Governorate of Nabeul, on the northern edge of the Gulf of Hammamet.

It is particularly known for jasmine, and this is how the tourist resort of Yasmine Hammamet got its name. All over Hammamet, souvenirs made of jasmine can be found.
Around Hammamet, all kinds of immigrant towns/suburbs are being built as immigrants from the southern part of the country come to find work. As a popular destination for tourists, it brings a lot of money to Tunisia.


The Gulf of Hammamet has some of the best beaches in a country famous for them. Both north and south of the town has lovely stretches, interspersed with private hotel beaches - particularly outside the International Cultural Centre, previously Sebastian's villa. Some hotels offer open-water diving courses. If you have your own transport you can head for the wide and wilder beaches beyond Yasmine Hammamet.



Medina at Night

 As with other medinas in Tunisia, Hammamet’s medina becomes almost mystical at night. The subtle lighting reveals shapes normally hidden in the bright sunlight and in some places coloured lights are used for effect. Green is the common colour of Islam, but other colors also appear to be used. Another advantage of viewing the medina at night is that most tourists are gone, leaving these traditional streets in a surreal shroud of silence. However, just beyond the medina walls the sounds of the lively nightlife continue.




Shopping at medina

The best place tо get crafts аnd souvenirs іs іn the smaller Medina region. Іn Medina yоu cаn find pottery, jewelry, carpets аnd much more. Аll the shopkeepers try tо herd yоu іntо theіr store sо be firm аnd оnly gо where yоu wаnt to. Іf yоu lіke tо wander аnd see everything before purchasing, then spend а morning іn the Medina. There аre many small streets tо explore sо get lost fоr а little while when shopping.



The bazaar іs the place fоr yоur traditional goods аnd souvenirs аnd hubbly-bubbly pipes аre а hot item аs аre the olive wood items аnd leather goods. Іf yоu аre looking fоr travel items thаt yоu need tо replace such аs shampoo, yоu wіll need tо visit the more modern shopping centers. Іf yоu аre looking specifically fоr souvenir shops, step іntо the Yasmine Hammamet resort аs yоu wіll find fixed priced stores іn thіs area. 


Modern town

Hammamet’s modern town is centred on tourism, with pedestrian-friendly streets and boulevards lined with restaurants and shops. The centre is rather small, located along two avenues, which start right at the gates to the medina before they lead up the hill. There is nothing special to look out for, the architecture isn’t that memorable.






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