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Dr Ragab Ragab

Dr Ragab Ragab

Vice President, International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage,

ICID Chairman of the British National Committee, ICID-UK Head, Water, Soils and Landscapes,

CEH-Wallingford, UK



Vice President of the International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage, ICID  as well as the Chairman of the British National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage, ICID-UK. Field of interests cover, irrigation, drainage, catchment's hydrology, remote sensing application in hydrology, integrated water management, climate change impact on water resources, soil-water-plant- atmosphere relations, rainfall harvesting, use of poor quality water for crop production, organic farming and urban hydrology. Leader of several projects in the UK and overseas. Expert Reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change, IPCC,  International adviser to "Brazil National Institute for Salinity Research", Fortaleza, Brazil,  Adjunct Professor at Alexandria University, Egypt and Lecturer at Oxford University, UK. Supervisor for international students at different Universities and external examiner to various Universities in and outside the UK. Recipient of several international Awards.

Ex. Member of the Editorial Board of J. Agricultural Water Management, Reviewer for more than 15 International Journals.  Chairman of the International Committee on the Sustainable use of natural resources for crop production, ICID, Chairman of the International Committee on the use of poor quality water for irrigation, ICID, member of the British Society of Soil Science Society– BSSS, member of the American Society of Agronomy – ASA and member of Soil Science Society of America – SSSA and member of the European Soil Science Society.  In addition to the UK, has extensive field experience and carried out several projects in North Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Mediterranean region.  Author and Co-Author of numerous scientific papers and Editor and Co-Editor of several special issues of International Journals as well as Conference Proceedings.

Invited speaker to high-level meetings, most recently the EU Green Week, Brussels (May 2011), Integrated Water Management (EU event, Agadir, Morocco, June 2011), Ecosystem Functioning and Resiliance (EU event, Sardinia, July 2011), International Water Association, Recife, Brazil (September 2011), EU-Cost Action Programme (Halophytes), Sussex University (October 2011), 6th World Water Forum (France, March 2012).

Keynote: Water resources management under climate and land use changes: Investigation using the Integrated Hydrological Modelling System, IHMS
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Pr Mongi Seffen

Laboratory of Energy and Materials
High School of Sciences and Technologies of Hammam Sousse ; Rue Lamine El Abbassi 4011 Hammam Sousse ( Sousse University).





Professor of Chemistry: High School of Sciences and Technologies of Hammam Sousse ( Sousse University) , lecturer of across a wide spectrum of modules: General Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Metallurgy, Energetic materials, Corrosion… .Member of the Laboratory of Energy and Materials ( LaBEM ) ; head of the team : “ Green Chemistry and Environment “ . The research conducted concerns the valuation of naturals materials and waste in development of new process for the removal of pollutants from various media . Removal of textiles dyes , surfactants and ionic metals from waste water is investigated using biosorption onto biomass and activated carbon synthesized from biomass .


Another aspect of this research is the synthesis of bio fuels starting from biomass and wastes. 26 publications in the field of waste water treatment; retention of pollutants using natural biomass; valorization of waste in biofuels production; biosorption; 6 patents (recovery of used engine oils; biofuels ; synthesis of fatty amines) 6 Thesis ; 8 masters Local Coordinator of the Euro-Mediterranean FP7-Regpot project in Tunisia : “ SOWAEUMED “ (2009-2012) :“Network In Solid Waste And Water Treatment Between Europe And Mediterranean » Countries currently local coordinator of the FP7 project FP4BATIW ( 2013-2016) « Fostering Partnerships For The Implementation Of Best Available Technologies For Water Treatment & Management In The Mediterranean”;Erasmus mundus Averroes program (3 years); coordinator of DGRS-CNRS program; Tunisia- Morroco and Tunisia-Egypt ;project…

Keynote: Biomass Valorization for Energy and Bioproducts
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Dr Nabil Khélifi

Publishing Editor
Middle East & North Africa Springer
Heidelberg, Germany




Keynote: Developements in Scientific Publishing
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Ulrich Maschke

Unité Matériaux et Transformations (UMET)
Equipe « Ingénierie des Systèmes Polymères »
UMR CNRS N°8207, Bâtiment C6
Université Lille 1 - Sciences et Technologies,
F-59655 Villeneuve d’Ascq
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Education and employment
Ulrich Maschke studied chemistry at the University of Mainz (Germany) where he received his Master’s degree (Diploma) in 1989 working on the phase behavior of polymer blends (PMPS/PS). In 1992 he completed his PhD thesis at the Physics Department of the Max-Planck-Institut für Polymerforschung (MPI-P, Mainz) under the supervision of Prof. Ewen on the ‘Static and dynamic properties of polymer melts studied by neutron scattering’. In 1992 he joined the Laboratory of Macromolecular Chemistry of the University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille (France) where he was offered a job (Chargé de Recherche) within the french national center of scientific research (CNRS). In 2001, he obtained the accreditation to supervise research from the University of Lille (HDR). He is now Research Director of the CNRS (Directeur de Recherche) at the UMET and responsible of a group working mainly on photochemistry and radiochemistry of organic materials.

Main fields of scientific activites
Photochemistry and radiochemistry of organic materials (ultraviolet irradiation, electron beam bombardment, polymerization/crosslinking processes, grafting, surface treatment, polymer coatings….); abatement of brominated products used as flame retardants by radiative treatment; chemically crosslinked polymer networks (synthesis, characterization, swelling/deswelling studies); structural and dynamical properties of polymer blends; dispersions of nano- and micron-sized liquid crystalline domains in polymers (morphology, structure, thermodynamics, kinetics of polymerization/crosslinking and phase separation, experimental and theoretical phase properties, electro-optical behaviour, light-, X-ray- and neutron scattering, mechanical and dielectrical studies…..).

Scientific production
Approximately 170 referenced international publications; several patents; approximately 400 presentations (invited, oral, posters); direction/codirection of 20 defended PhD thesis; many national and international academic and industrial collaborations.

Keynote: Abatement of polybrominated molecules by various radiative methods
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Pr Mourad Ben Zina

Laboratoire L3E
Ecole des Ingénieurs de Sfax, Tunisie
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Project : Sustainable Mediterranean Old Towns
Priority 2 : Promotion of environmental sustainability at the basin level
Measure 2.1 : Prevention and reduction of risk factors for the environment
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General chairman

  • Boubakker Elleuch, ENI, Sfax, Tunisia


  • 04/30/2014: Full paper submission
    (10 pages maximum for oral , abstract for poster ).
  • 2706//2014: Acceptance notification
    (presentation/ poster /rejection).
  • 07/21/2014: Final paper submission.
  • 08/16/2014: Registration deadline.

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Authors are invited to submit original works. However, no request for copyright will only be made to the authors. The bids of complete texts in Word format ( .doc) must be filed on the Web site of ICIME 2014 before the April 30, 2014. 
The submission must respect the following model: Download the template (paper oral  or poster (only abstract) ).
Paper must be written in French or in english consist of 10 pages maximum in format RNTI. Oral communication of the work must be in french or / english, however the slides must be in English.

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