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International committee 

 Ahmed Kettab, Algeria
 Bouabker Elleuch, ENI SFAX, Tunisia
 Dominik Faust, University o Dresden, Germany
 Hassan Er-Raioui, FST Tanger, Marocco
 Mitsuteru IRIE, University of Tsukuba, Japon
 Mohamed Gouider, SEACNVS TAPARURA, Tunisia
Mohamed Moncef Serbaji, ENI SFAX, Tunisia
 Moomen Baroudi, University Libanaise, Liban
 Nesrine Boujelben, ENI SFAX, Tunisia
 Ouddane Baghdad, University Lille, France
 Ragab Ragab, ICID, UK 

Honorary chairman

 Hamed BEN DHIA, ENI, Sfax, Tunisia

General chairman

 Boubakker Elleuch, ENI, Sfax, Tunisia

Scientific committee

  Abdelhakim Kellouche, ONA, Chlef, Algeria
  Abdeltif Amrane, UMR CNRS, France
  Adel Kharoubi, ISSTE Gabes, Tunisia
  Ahmed Ali Rashed , National Water Research Center, Egypt
  Ahmed H. A. Dabwan, Tati University College, Malaysia
  Ahmed Kettab, ENP Alger, Algeria
  Alain Grasmick, University de Montpellier II, France
  Amel Chabbouni, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
  Amor Djenina ,University de Tébessa, Algeria
  Amr Abdelmeguid, CEDARE, Egypt
  Bachir Achour, University Mohamed Khider- Biskra , Algeria
  Baghdad Ouddane, University Lille1, France
  Cardoso Duarte José, U. London
  Chafai Azri, Fs Sfax,University of Sfax, Tunisia
  Chiraz Chaffei, FS Tunis, Tunisia
  Dalel Belhaj, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
  Dalila Nedjraoui, USTHB Alger, Algeria
  Dimitri Xanthoulis ,University de Liège , Belgique
  Farah Bouhamed, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
  Fatma Alloulou, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
  Fekher Jamoussi, Technopôle de Borj Cédria, Tunisia
  Fekri Kammoun, FS Sfax, Tunisia
  Fouad Dabboussi, Lebanese University, Lebanon
  Gahdab Chakali, ENSA, Algeria
  Habib Abida, FS Sfax, Tunisia
  Habib Smida, FS Gabes, Tunisia
  Hacib Ammami ,INRGREF,Tunisia
  Hameed Bassim, University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia 
  Idress Hamad Attitalla, Omar Al-Mukhatr University, Libya
  Ikram Jaabri, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
  Imed Gargouri, University of Sfax, Tunisia
  Iovu-Adrian Biris, Forest Research and Management Institute, Romania
  Jalel Bouzid, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
  Jamel Bouaziz, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
  Kostas Chartzoulakis , NAGREF, Crete, Greece
  Larbi Djabri, University Badjimokhar, Annaba, Algeria
  Maghnia Asmahane Bourabah, University de Tlemcen, Algeria
  Mabrouk Eloussaief, FS Sfax, Tunisia
  Mervat Elhoz, University de Balamand, Liban
  Mohamed Choura, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
  Mohamed Ksibi, ISB Sfax, Tunisia
  Mokhtar Bzioui , Water Resources Management, Morocco
  Moncef Bouaziz, Univesity of Dresden, Germany
  Moncef Khadhraoui, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
  Moncef Zairi, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
  Moneem Kallel, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
  Moumen Baroudi, Lebanese University, Lebanon
  Mounir Medhioub, FS Sfax, Tunisia
  Mourad Ben Zina, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
  Muhammad Shatanawi , University of Jordan, Jordan
  Myriam Balaban, Editor In Chief Of Deswater Journal
  Nadia El Bahnasway , WRRI, Egypt
  Nadim Farajalla , American University of Beirut, Lebanon
  Nesrine Boujelben, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
  Noureddine Gaaloul, INRGREF, Tunisia
  Raoul Caruba, University of Nice, France
  Ratiba Mitiche, ENP Alger, Algeria
  RedouaneChoukr-Allah, University Hassan Ii, Morocco
  Ridha Hachicha, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
  Rym Baccar, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
  Saadia Benmamar, ENP , Alger, Algeria
  Salem El Bouri, FsSfax, Tunisia
  Sami Sayedi, CBS, Sfax, Tunisia
  Samir Bouaziz, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
  Sanja Frka Milosavljević , Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Croatia
  Souad Bouzid-Lagha, University of ST Houari BOUMEDIENE, Algeria
  Ulku Yetis, Mid. East Tech.University, Ankara, Turke
  Zied Marzouki, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
  Zouheir Elouaer , ENI Sfax, Tunisia

  Springer Representative
        Dr. Nabil Khélifi
          Publishing Editor Earth Sciences and Geography
          Middle East and North Africa
Organizing Committee

Farah Bouhamed, L3E, Tunisia
Nesrine Boujelben, ENI SFAX, Tunisia
Dorsaf Ben Othmen, FS Tunis, Tunisia
Mabrouk Eloussaief, FS Sfax, Tunisia
 Dhoua Mabrouk; FLSH Sfax, Tunisia
Mohamed Moncef Serbaji, ENI SFAX, Tunisia
Mohamed Sahbi Moalla, ISET SFAX, Tunisia
Zied Marzouki, ENI Sfax, Tunisia
 Mouna Rekik, University of Sfax, Tunisia




General chairman

  • Boubakker Elleuch, ENI, Sfax, Tunisia


  • 04/30/2014: Full paper submission
    (10 pages maximum for oral , abstract for poster ).
  • 2706//2014: Acceptance notification
    (presentation/ poster /rejection).
  • 07/21/2014: Final paper submission.
  • 08/16/2014: Registration deadline.

Springer Journals






Authors are invited to submit original works. However, no request for copyright will only be made to the authors. The bids of complete texts in Word format ( .doc) must be filed on the Web site of ICIME 2014 before the April 30, 2014. 
The submission must respect the following model: Download the template (paper oral  or poster (only abstract) ).
Paper must be written in French or in english consist of 10 pages maximum in format RNTI. Oral communication of the work must be in french or / english, however the slides must be in English.

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